Black Onyx Intention Bracelet

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Our Black Onyx Intention Bracelet is the must-have accessory for manifesting your dreams and goals!

Our Penso+Sono unisex bracelet empowers you to focus on your intentions, write them down, and then roll them up into the bracelet to carry with you until your intention is fully realized.

Each bracelet comes with a luxurious velvet pouch, papers, roller, and a stunning gift box - making it the perfect present for yourself or someone special. Crafted from high-quality elastic, black onyx, and a sleek black metal cylinder, this bracelet not only looks stylish but also possesses powerful healing properties.

Black Onyx promotes strength, stamina, and self-confidence while banishing grief and stimulating wise decision-making.

Embrace the power of intention and make your dreams a reality with our Black Onyx Intention Bracelet. Order now and experience the transformative energy for yourself!

Handmade by Willow+Wicker Inc. in Newmarket, ON

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