Bleached Phalaris

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Introducing our Bleached Phalaris – a captivating bundle of 30 naturally dried and preserved stems that effortlessly elevates your decor. Each stem, measuring approximately 26 inches in length, embodies a distinct charm, making every bundle a truly unique masterpiece.

Immerse your space in the subtle allure of Bleached Phalaris, where no two stems are alike in size, color, or markings. This bespoke quality ensures that each set is exclusive, allowing you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind arrangement that adds a touch of natural elegance to your surroundings.

Embrace the versatility of these meticulously crafted stems. Whether displayed in a vase on their own to showcase their individual beauty or combined with other natural elements to create a harmonious arrangement, Bleached Phalaris effortlessly blends whimsy and sophistication. The timeless appeal of these stems ensures they remain a captivating and enduring addition to your home decor.

Transform your living space with the enchanting presence of Bleached Phalaris – where nature's beauty meets individuality, creating a distinct ambiance that sets your decor apart.

Please note that as these phalaris stems are grown in nature and are from a real plant that has been dried, they will have natural imperfections and variations in size, color, and markings.

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