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Vintage Brass Candle Holders

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It wouldn't be true bohemian decor without vintage brass decor accents! These vintage, unique brass candle stick holders are the next perfect addition to your eclectic home, great for everyday decor or to elevate your next event!



1. Height: 11.25"           Base: 4.25"

Origin Unknown

2. Height: 15"            Base: 5"

Brand: Century   Made in India

3. Height: 8.25"             Base: 3.5"

Origin Unknown. There is a gorgeous, hammered design in the brass which is indictive of traditional Indian designs and could have originated in India. 

4. Height: 7"           Base: 2.5"

Origin Unknown

5. Height: 6"          Base: 3.5"

Brand: Comet Handicrafts   Made in India

6. Height: 6"            Base: 2"

Made in Taiwan


Brass Cleaning & Patina

We personally love our brass in its vintage state as it tells a story. Some would say were crazy and want that true golden glow. It's a personal choice and we believe you should decide! All of our vintage brass has patina and do not come 'pre-cleaned' so you can decide which way you'd love to enjoy them.


Vintage Wear

All of our brass candle stick holders have either natural nicks and dents from wear over the years or have remnants of melted wax and/or marks from the melted wax. We have done our best to photograph these imperfections as best as possible. 



*These items are in vintage, pre-loved condition. All vintage products will show signs of wear and are sold in 'as-is' condition. The item's description will state whether there are any faults or issues. Given these items are one of a kind, they are all final sale.

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