Luna Midi Skirt - Jade

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**3 small burn holes on front bottom skirt**

Introducing the Luna Midi Skirt: Timeless Elegance Meets Sustainable Chic!

Elevate your style with the Luna Midi Skirt, a breathtaking piece that seamlessly combines sophistication, sustainability, and a touch of vintage charm.

Vintage Silk Sari Magic:
The Luna Midi Skirt is a masterpiece born from the upcycled beauty of vintage silk saris. Each skirt tells a story of its own, with a rich history woven into its fabric. We believe in preserving the elegance of the past, and this skirt is a tribute to the timeless grace of vintage textiles.

Pure Silk Perfection:
Indulge in the luxurious comfort of 100% silk. This skirt cradles you in the finest natural fabric, ensuring you feel both regal and at ease. The ethereal quality of silk makes it the ideal choice for making a statement while remaining comfortable throughout the day.

Artistry in Detail:
Admire the intricate wood buttons that gracefully adorn the front of the Luna Midi Skirt, adding a touch of rustic charm to the design. The buttons cascade down, stopping around knee length, where they offer both function and style. Below this point, a daring slit takes the skirt to the next level, providing freedom of movement while revealing just a hint of your inner radiance.

Sustainability and Style Unite:
At Willow+Wicker, we're proud to offer you sustainable fashion that doesn't compromise on elegance. The Luna Midi Skirt is a testament to our commitment to the planet. By upcycling vintage silk saris, we're not only celebrating heritage but also preventing these exquisite fabrics from going to waste.

This skirt is more than an article of clothing; it's a work of art. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or infusing everyday life with sophistication, the Luna Midi Skirt is your partner in style. Don't just wear fashion – wear a story. Don't just make a statement – make a choice for sustainability. The Luna Midi Skirt is your canvas to create timeless, eco-conscious fashion moments.

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